The Crystal Odyssey


“I’m pleased to meet you and thank you for the welcome, as well as saving my life”

“The answer is rather odd. To make a long story short, my master had agreed to send some of our apprentices to train with Master Skywalker. Of course, this was before he was forced to go into hiding from the new galactic alliance.”

“I couldn’t wait; I was too impulsive and impatient. So, I set off on my own, to find Master Skywalker. I was captured by complete surprise and recognized as a force sensitive being. I never found where he was located and was tortured harder when they realized I was a runaway and had no viable information for them. I was fortunate enough to mask my origins, so they’ll never find my homeworld, but I nearly died for my mistake.”

“I have a series of recollections, but nothing substantive; just bits and pieces between black-outs. I remember nothing of my rescue.”

“Luckily, I wasn’t stripped of my clothing, but they did destroy my lightsaber; and I had just finished constructing it before I had left. I’m not sure I look forward to making a new one, but now that I’m confident with that skill, it will only take me one try in the future.”

Drax appraoces Veela after the meeting. “Hello. My names Drax. Sorry if I haven’t had much to say to you. Been kinda busy. Anyway, justwanted to welcome you to the team. Also, if you don’t mind me asking… What exactly were you doing down there?”



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