The Crystal Odyssey


Maya tapped the cockpit control panel causing the canopy to close down over the pilot’s chair of the Incom ARC-170 Starfighter. The Aggressive Reconnaissance Fighter, or ARC-170, serves as both a long range scout and a heavy assault fighter. Maya just called it “THE EBON BLADE” . Maya called back to Ray and Drax who were busy loading Crash into the astrogation droid slot. “Okay boys, I hope you all jumped in the refresher before you came on board, as it’s two days to our first destination. Ray you take the rear gunner position and Drax you take the co-pilot’s chair. You’ll man the front guns.” Drax looked concerned. “And we’ll need the guns for …?” Maya stopped what she was doing, turned and smiled. “Why pirates of course. You didn’t think getting a crystal to make a lightsaber was going to be easy did you?” Drax sat down in the co-pilot’s chair. “Where am I supposed to put my stuff?” Maya laughed. “Drax…we’re taking all the air we need. We’ve got food for 5 days and the best company in the galaxy. If you really are nice to me, I’ll let you bring a sabacc deck.” Maya turned back to flip some switches on the control panel in front of her. “Nebulon B frigate Resurgence, this is the Ebon Blade requesting permission to take off. First stop, the Raioballo Sector of the Outer Rim at the endpoint of Myto’s Arrow…better known as Dantooine.

Too much time on our Gands...

Maya pulled the Ebon Blade out of hyperspace far more quickly than Drax would’ve expected. “What’s up Maya? Shouldn’t we have another few hours of hyperspace travel before we reach Dantooine?” Drax’s earpiece crackled to life with the response. “Yes Drax. But due to the need for security surrounding the Resurgence, and in case we’re being followed, I’m making several short jumps to prevent followers. Also it allows me to radio the Resurgence and give them an update on our whereabouts.” Raymus chimed in, “Ummm… can anyone else feel that?” Maya replied, “What is it?” There was a long pause before Raymus responded, “That planet down there…” Drax filled in the blanks…”readout says it’s Kadril…never heard of it.” Raymus continued, “It’s…it’s calling me.” Maya helped sort out the confusion. “I thought it might get one of your’s attention. That’s where they used to grow crystals used in comlinks, medicinals, and … lightsabers.” Drax said, “You mean we don’t have to go to Dantooine?” Maya continued, “No, we still must go to Dantooine, Vader year’s ago had this planet bombarded. But some of the stones, if you can find them, can widen the beam when added to the crystal. Apparently, Raymus has the inside track on where we can find some.” Maya turned the ARC-170 fighter downward toward the planet. Clouds started to form around them and they could start to make out patterns on the ground. “Maya!” Ray called out. “We’re being followed!” Maya checked the sensors and noticed a G-1A transport meticulously following them at a safe distance. “G-1A transport please identify, you are too close for comfort…this is the ARC-170 Ebon Blade consular ship for the New Alderaanian government…” A bit of static filled the lines finally being replaced by a voice “Ebon Blade, this is the Mist Hunter..we need to talk.” Maya whispered, “I told you this wouldn’t be easy!”

post what you’re thinking or doing here and let’s just keep the story rolling. You can find any stats you need for the ship in the NPC section.


“We need to get on the ground.” Drax stated with frustration. If something is going down,i’d feel better if I can see my enemies face.”


“Crash, what can you tell me of The Mist Hunter.” In an attempted to calm Drax “We have bigger guns than they do.” Raymus readies his weapon. “Unless they have a better reason why they’re following us, I say we don’t give them a chance to shot first.”

The plot thickens...

The Gand Bounty Hunter Zuckuss had moved ahead of the trio and set his ship down amongst the rocks in a small clearing just outside of the nearest population center. When Maya jumped down from the cockpit she landed with one hand on her blaster. The Gand moved closer and immediately dove into a conversation…his partner remained by the Mist Hunter, a dark haired beauty not immediately recognizable. “What are you doing here Ariel? Don’t you know if I can find you, the sisters can too?” “I’m not afraid of the sisters, just ask Zu; and what we’re doing here is none of your business. Just because you decided to work for the rebellion…again, doesn’t mean I have to dish out my life story to you.” “Easy…easy…I’m just in need of a point in the right direction and I thought you were the best person to ask…and seeing how I just happened to run across your broadcast a minute ago…well, I’d call it kismet.” “What do you want Z? And when did you start keeping human floozies for company?” If Zuckuss could smile Drax was sure he was, “She’s not company, she’s my ticket to a big fat rebellion paycheck. She’s deadly with a rifle and good at the hunt…AND she’s in high demand. That’s why she was hanging around Jolok’s palace looking for work when she spotted your boy TeeO leaving in the…” “Whoah! Maya held up her hand and cut a glance toward Drax and Ray, “if you’ve got information on TeeO, I’ll have to get it on holovid. Let’s go into your ship and discuss it. Ray, you and Drax head towards town. Feel out the locals… see if you can pick up a sense of where we go next.”


“Now hold on a second!” Drax interrupted. “If this guy has any info on where TeeO is then I want to hear it. I already feel responsible for his capture. If there is anything we can do to help then that takes precedence.”

time to talk

Raymus turned in the other direction walking a few feet away, shouting “Drax!”, waving him over. “We need to scout up ahead while Maya talks with these nice people.” Raymus takes a quick look back at Zuckuss. “Besides, I’m sure we were seen landing, someones bound to come see what’s all the fuss.” Before Drax could protest Raymus interrupted “We need to talk, but not here.”

Raymus looked back again, Maya and Zuckuss ships were nothing but a blur now, making sure that they were far enough before speaking, he kept walking. “TeeO’s safe, Jolok doesn’t have him.” Drax stopped dead in his tracks, Raymus walked a couple of feet and turned so that he was looking at Drax. “When Lash told me that he was going to take TeeO captive, I immediately had TeeO leave and return to Maya.”


Both of you need to make perception checks and if successful against DC 20 then make galactic lore DC 15. Post results below. You can use dice generator at top of screen.

my rolls

27 on perception

14 on GL

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“What?!” Drax struggled to keep his voice low. “Why didn’t you tell me? Where is he? and How many others know this?”


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