The Crystal Odyssey


“I’m pleased to meet you and thank you for the welcome, as well as saving my life”

“The answer is rather odd. To make a long story short, my master had agreed to send some of our apprentices to train with Master Skywalker. Of course, this was before he was forced to go into hiding from the new galactic alliance.”

“I couldn’t wait; I was too impulsive and impatient. So, I set off on my own, to find Master Skywalker. I was captured by complete surprise and recognized as a force sensitive being. I never found where he was located and was tortured harder when they realized I was a runaway and had no viable information for them. I was fortunate enough to mask my origins, so they’ll never find my homeworld, but I nearly died for my mistake.”

“I have a series of recollections, but nothing substantive; just bits and pieces between black-outs. I remember nothing of my rescue.”

“Luckily, I wasn’t stripped of my clothing, but they did destroy my lightsaber; and I had just finished constructing it before I had left. I’m not sure I look forward to making a new one, but now that I’m confident with that skill, it will only take me one try in the future.”

Drax appraoces Veela after the meeting. “Hello. My names Drax. Sorry if I haven’t had much to say to you. Been kinda busy. Anyway, justwanted to welcome you to the team. Also, if you don’t mind me asking… What exactly were you doing down there?”
An introduction ...

Veela, with her head still cloudy from the bacta tank, as well as the prior torturous experience, wonders why she’s here.

“Obviously, we have similar paths,” she thinks, “Master Fa’talith is Jedi, as well as these two apprentices, or padawans …was that the word?”

She’s glad to be alive, even if the bacta leaves a funny taste in her mouth.

She feels the look of the men’s stares as someone is mentioned, Maya, was it? “Apparently, she’s the one who saved us all,” she thinks.

“I know they wonder if they made the right choice: to let Maya sacrifice her life instead of mine,” she thinks as she reads their emotion.

“They don’t trust me; but I wouldn’t be at this table if Master Fa’talith hadn’t made that decision already; so there is a reason I’m here and it’s not for them to question their master; now, I just need to discern this reason for myself,” she thinks.

For now, Veela is content that she’s on the right path to fulfilling her destiny with the force.

The First to Strike


Episode VII


It is a time of rebellion in the galaxy. Members of the New Alderaanian resistance have won a major victory against the Alliance, and more battles are close at hand. The Alliance’s mistreatment of non-Humans continues throughout the galaxy despite the policy against xenophobia, as Wookiees, Mon Calamari, and other species are forced to work as slaves on Imperial projects. Aboard the Resurgence, Master Fa’talith has peered into the Force and discovered another group of oppressed beings, ones who might hold the key to unlocking the mystery of Project Revelations. . .

After you’ve had the chance to rest for a few days, Captain Verana calls you all into the main conference room. Fa’talith, TeeO, and your latest convert to your cause, Veela Saren a human Jensaari. Fa’talith speaks, “Thank you for coming. I know that you have many demands on your time. As I had hoped, our friend Maya’s loss was not in vain. Thanks to her excellent tutelage by the Princess, she managed to download much information from the laboratory on Mondu Codru onto Seven Ay here and I thank you again for your assistance in recovering it. With its aid, I have deepened and lengthened my meditations and have begun to understand the glimpses I receive with greater accuracy. Unfortunately, the galaxy is filled with great suffering, and the cries of whole worlds oppressed come through the Force most clearly. In particular, I have been hearing cries for help from what I believe to be the homeworld of the slaves involved in Darth Wrath’s secret project. Having seen and heard them more clearly, I now believe that Maya may have known more than she let on when she contacted you Raymus. These prisoners were Human, but more specifically, they are all from the Tatoo system.” Ray’s ears perked up, “Teresa’s family is from Tatooine!” “I passed this information to Senator Organa, and she sent a few discreet inquiries to Aldera University. It seems that the this system may have been chosen due to it’s relationship with Luke Skywalker. They never joined the Republic and thus have no representation in the Senate so they are less likely to call upon them for aid. The Alliance has a small force on the mining planet Adriana, the third world in the Tatoo System, but has been reassigning those ships for some weeks. The slaves are native to Dantooine, the only planet in the neighboring system. Since the Alliance has no official interest in Dantooine, it seems likely that they have made raids on Dantooine for slave labor, perhaps originally to run the mines on Adriana. But they might have left some records or clues on Dantooine about the Revelations Project. Also, the people of Dantooine might make useful allies if the Alliance has mistreated them. Though there is little information about Alliance activity in our records, Captain Verana has managed to locate hyperspace coordinates for Dantooine in his navcomputer. He’s willing to drop us by there if you’re willing to check it out for us. I ask that you take a trip to Dantooine and investigate its treatment at the hands of the Alliance. Proof of Imperial depredations might give Senator Organa additional influence in the Senate, and if the Dantooine people are interested in opposing the Empire on a widespread basis, we might be able to assist them.” Drax offered, “What about the Cloud City tournament?” Captain Verana answered, “It’s still on but it’s been delayed by two weeks. Presumably because of our missing Inquisitor Omega. I’m sure they had to revise their plans when their main gun came up missing. After the decision was made, it was just a matter of telling the Cloud City governor that the Emperor wasn’t showing up for two weeks. He’s such a pull for the crowds and business, they pushed back the tournament to coincide with his visit.”


Drax sat alone, intently poring over the many tomes he had managed to retrieve. He had to find out everything he could about this Revan person who’s genetic material was the basis for Drax’s own genesis.

A mix of joy and sadness coursed through his veins. He had finally discovered his origins. He knew where he came from, but at a terrible price: Maya had sacrificed herself to save him and Ray. “I’ll get them for you.” He silently promised his deceased mentor.

“We’re here.” Teeo’s voice sounded somberly over the ships intercom. Drax noted that he needed to sit down and speak with the child as soon as he had a chance. They had much to discuss.

As the ships docked with the Resurgence, Drax gingerly tucked the books away. A sharp pain shot through his right arm, causing him to grimace. Ray had managed to set the break, but pain meds had all been used up back at the temple. He’d need a plasti-cast put on as soon as possible.

The group hardly expected the crowd that had gathered to congratulate them, as they stepped off onto the Resurgence’s hanger deck. A loud applause greeted Teeo as he was the first to lexit the ship. Tears filled the boys eyes as he darted into the waiting arms of Fa’talith. The elder cerean wrapped his arms around Teeo, comforting him as a parent would.

Next off was Ray, carrying the wounded woman from the temple. Focused on his charge, he ignored the crowd. As the medic team arrived to taked her away, he was right with them, stopping only to salute Captain Virana.

Drax was the last off. He stood in the ships door for a moment, searching searching the crowd. Then he saw her. She stood in the back, beside Romi. A relieved smile on her face told DRax all he needed to hear. Dropping his gearsack, Drax rushed down the ramp, pushing his way through the crowd. When he finally reached Aiala, he stopped short, hesitating for just a moment. Their eyes locked and for just a moment time stood still. When time caught back up, Drax dove into Aiala’s arms. Pulling her tightly into him, he kissed her passionately. With his one good arm, he lifter her off the ground and spun her as the crowd in the Hangar whooped and cheered in approval.

“Good job, son.” Captain Virana spoke as he approached Drax and A. “You’ve managed to strike a major blow to the Alliance.” Letting A down, but keeping his arm around her, Drax turned to face Virana. “Maya…” Drax’s smile faded as he whispered her name. “Yes, I know.” Virana patted DRax on the arm. “She was a great hero. Her sacrifice will not be forgotten.” Virana gestured to the crowd. “We can mourn later. For now, she would want us to celebrate.” Drax nodded, understand.

As the celebration continued, a technician approached Drax. “Sir. We have a large cache of books and what appear to be artifacts in the ships stowage. What should we do with them?”

“Take them to my quarters.” Drax answered.

“And what about the damaged droid? Should we have him retrofitted with a new chassis and have him wiped?” The tech asked.

Drax smiled. “Have him retrofitted and sent to my qaurters with the rest of the stuff. Do not have him wiped.” WIth that Drax turned back to Aiala’s waiting arms as the celebration continued.

Gone but not forgotten

As Ebon Blade hummed in hyperspace on route back to Resurgence the only sound was that of the ship’s engine. Raymus checked on TeeO, kneeling down to eye level he comforted him.

Sometime passed, he went and checked on Drax. Drax sat reading books, and never looked up at Ray. “You ok Drax?” Drax nodded in response still with his head in the book he was reading. “I’m going to check on injured girl” Raymus walked away toward the medical bay to check on the unconscious girl.

All Raymus could feel was remorse, “I should done something!” was all he could think about. Raymus used the force to reach out to Maya, perhaps…

End of an era

As you enter the next cavern, several bacta tanks shatter around you as you duck and weave trying to avoid them. They shatter sending glass and their inhabitants sprawling on the slick cavern floor. One female in particular looks as though she is still breathing.

But quickly your attention is diverted back to the problem at hand. Two Shadow troopers stand between you and Omega who is currently making a stand midway on an overpass traversing a black gulf. The natural chamber is divided here with an immense expanse of bottomless void crossed by a natural rock bridge. Ray takes a page from TeeO and slams his hands forward causing a wave of force energy to tumble from them and slamming into the Shadow Troopers. Their black uniforms are quickly lost in the void.

A red lightsaber hisses in her right hand, angled down and away from her, while she extends the precious holocron over the abyss in her left. Then a sound like rolling thunder causes the caverns to shudder, as if the planet itself were growling in fury. Abruptly, as if the sky’s been turned upside down, two blue bolts of lightning the size of starfighters explode toward you from below. One of the seething electrical masses smashes into the ceiling high above, producing a shower of man-sized boulders. The other mammoth blue bolt sideswipes the bridge, missing you by a mere meter.

On the heels of that familiar, unnatural lightning comes a monster straight out of your nightmares—200 meters of golden sinew and obscenity, led by a gaping maw lined with teeth bigger than the tallest Wookiee. It looks identical to the dreambeast you fought earlier, and for a heartbeat you hope that you’re still dreaming. But this is real, and this leviathan makes the illusion you battled earlier look like a tame womp rat.

Omega smiles as her companions plummet to their deaths. “Now you shall see the error of your ways meatbags…with the backing of superior technology combined with the power of Darth Revan and the dark side, you foolish infidels have made a mistake of colossal proportions.”

While Omega speaks, the sinister blot oozes out of the holocron and hovers behind her. It seems to pulse and seethe with rage. Before your eyes, the wraith seems to transfer some of its dark energy into the Inquisitor, wreathing Omega in shadows. The evil holocron gatekeeper hovering in the room seems to writhe with malevolence, and there is clearly some vile connection between it and the Inquisitor. Omega’s eyes acquire a sickening gold hue, and her voice plummets in pitch as she gives a command to the k’kayeh dragon.

“My beautiful companion—kill them.”

With the flick of a thumb, the red blade of her lightsaber streaks into existence, casting her body into a bewitching vermillion glow. Each syllable of her death sentence tumbles like wisps of smoke from her lips.

“Come at me one at a time or all at once. All shall pass from this world.”

Lightning leaps from the dragons nostrils down Omega’s arm, through the holocron and into Ray. Singed he falls to his knees.


A look of dire desperation and rage fall like a pall over Drax’s face. He pulls the lightsaber nearer so that the red glow cast maddening shadows across it.


Drax charges forward and strikes repeatedly at Omega, each blow casting harmlessly off of her own blade. His maddened efforts finally paid off as he slices her hand from her body. The one housing the SITH holocron.

Her eyes grow maddeningly and you both watch it plummet into the void.


Her eyes burn through Drax as she grab’s his wrist, the one holding the lightsaber. “You have not only cost me a great deal, you have cost you and your friend your lives…”

As she speaks, you can hear the bones breaking in your wrist. Finally, you can’t take the pain anymore and you drop to your knees, your life force draining out of you. You have time to look over at Ray barely holding himself up with smoke still rising off of his clothing. But there, beside him…it’s the repulsor sled. And SevenAy and that girl are on it…that wasn’t there before.

Looking back at Omega, you look up to her standing above you, and with laughter she calls down the dragon.

“My precious…kill them…kill them all…and then hunt down the boy.”

Before you become the dragon’s next meal, a green lightsaber blade slices through Omega’s remaining hand.

Maya, wielding what you thought was a lightsaber but as you would later be corrected, turned out to be a guard shoto, sliced cleanly through Omega’s remaining arm. With a look of shock, Omega watched as Maya planted her foot in Omega’s chest and kicked backwards. She didn’t give you time to watch her fall.

Raising the shoto and catching the lightning from the dragon’s nostrils she screamed,


You don’t have time to argue as you have to save either Maya or Ray, Seven, and the unconcious girl. Your heart tells you there is no choice. With nothing but a message of thank you sent telepathically, you run through the ruins of the academy. The remaining walls of the fountain room and the columns in the entry hall collapse around you, showering you with dust. As you leap for the exit out of the academy, huge clouds of dust billow into the air, obscuring your view as the ground quakes and devours the ruins burying all you knew of Maya, the Sith, and the evil Inquisitor Omega.

As the dust clears, you could not have imagined how good Mondu Codru’s toxin-filled air would feel in your lungs. Looking away from the falling rubble, you see the familiar buildings of deserted Forard city. Crash calls as he and TeeO land the ship nearby. He leaps out and runs up to you. “Good news! The Alliance ship has left the system! We can get out of here with no trouble! Where’s Maya?”

Ray sits up off of the sled and pours water over his head. Noone ever answered that question. But when the boy asking is strong in the force…noone had to.

“We should return to the Resurgence soon, before more Alliance agents come looking for Inquisitor Omega.”

Drax knew she was just a droid that looked human. But for the first time in his life, he missed someone.

The battle ensues...

“As you die, rest assured that I reflected on you as on all enemies: despising that you must be wrong and I right, but reveling in the triumph of my convictions while whatever species of maggot indigenous to this world expedites the transition of your carcasses from this existence to the next. We do not need you to succeed. We will but make another.” With that remark, laser fire erupts hitting Ray in the shoulder. “Aaarrgh!” Following the blaster fire with his eyes, Drax sees the outline of Shadow Stormtroopers firing on them from behing the rocks. Looking back at Omega, she has already begun her downward swing with the lightsabers. In one instance, Drax flicks it on and raises it above his head to catch the incoming swing. The result is calamitous. Her swing holds the strength of ten humans driving Drax to his knees. Relentlessly she begins pounding his defense over and over all the while her face remains a cold, crisp calm. “If you will not succumb to the dark side, then the dark side will take you!” A bacta tank rips from the wall hitting two stormtroopers and flying across the room to narrowly avoid Omega. She retreats to slice it in half with her lightsaber, cutting the bacta tank and it’s inhabitant into two distinct pieces. With a crash, Drax is covered in the oily bacta tank contents. Gripping his shoulder, Ray leaps into action with a loud yell driving his fist into Omega’s exposed ribcage. Causing immense pain, he realizes that, although his punch would have floored a normal human, Omega does not react to the damage, instead grabbing him around the throat. Drax leaps to his companions side, dodging blaster fire and trying to draw Omega’s attention back to him. “It’s me you want Omega! Fight me!” Swinging wildly, Omega deftly blocks the incoming saber. Taking advantage of her position, she throws Ray at Drax causing him to stop and try to ease his friends descent. Within a second, Omega moves with ungodly speed, crossing the distance of the laboratory and exiting on the other side through another tunnel. Before she could leave you noticed a glow that had settled into her eyes that matched the one enveloping her blade hand and the Sith holocron strapped to it. The two remaining Shadow troopers retreat strategically firing on you as they cover her exit. You both advance.

(More tonight, just getting started.)

No Thanks

Drax looks over at Ray, reassured by his presence. His gaze then turns to Omega. “I’m done being a puppet for you or the emperor. From now on, I make my own destiny.”

The final offer

Wrath looks at Omega and grins from ear to ear. “My dear, won’t you please answer any and all questions these gentlemen have. And, in the end, if your words cannot persuade them to our cause, you may end their traitorous collective lives.” Omega kneels on one knee and answers “Yes, my master.” The cube on her arm drinks back in the blob that was hovering above it. “Bring the holocron back to me. We will finish the procedure here.” Looking at you, “Gentleman” With that last address, his hologram fades leaving only Inquisitor Omega. “Drax, I’m so glad you made it. I’ve been waiting for you.” “What is this place?! Answer me!” Her smile turns sour, “This is what your traitorous Emperor has planned for you. You are just a tool, a vehicle if you will for his evil machinations…PUT YOUR LIGHTSABER AWAY!” With a flick of her wrist, her lightsaber sings to life. “I gave you that blade and I won’t be threatened with it.” You reluctantly push the button to retract the blade of light. Her smile reappears, “Excellent. Now we can talk like civilized beings. Look around you Drax. Is it starting to settle in yet? Your beloved Emperor has been planning this for years. But you should know that. You’ve been digging into computer records. I don’t blame you. That’s the weak side of you…the side you got from your Emperor. You see, when Darth Tempest discovered this place, he found the remains of the ultimate warrior, Darth Revan. With clone technology “borrowed” from the Sith race, he decided to make the perfect vessel to host his essence. He has combined Darth Revan’s remains with his own genetic code to prevent rejection. He has discovered the lost Sith alchemy art of Transfer Essence by ‘stumbling’ onto this temple. Well, his former pupil Darth Wrath has discovered his plot and means to do something about it. Join us and prevent becoming just another ‘vessel’. Help us to stop Darth Tempest from his evil plans…D.R.A.X In another instance it all becomes clear. D.R.A.-X. Darth Revan Analogue-Version Chi (X) Omega awaits your answer while the eyes of clones of yourself watch disturbingly. “Before I answer, answer me this…What is your view of the dark side? And why don’t you join with us? The rebellion has stopped one Emperor. With Darth Wrath’s help we could do it again.”

She doesn’t miss a beat answering you and starts walking in your direction as she does…“The dark side exists. Only the naïve and demented believe otherwise. It’s found in each of us without exception—Sith, Jedi, soldier, smuggler, noble, rogue, and romantic. I will show you how to control it so that you needn’t fear or deny it. And as far as us joining you, I have already found my true self. I embraced my destiny when I took this Inquisitor’s garb. Now, quit this cowardly stalling, and reflect on my invitation, for this is the last time I extend it. Decide swiftly and without regret, for your choice and its effects were predetermined before these words ever obligated you to speak.”

could things get any worse

Raymus sighed as his shoulders and head sank down. Looking backup at Drax “Poor kid”. Walking out from the shadows he joined his friend and stood beside him. “Remember Drax, you’re not alone.”


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