The Crystal Odyssey


The screeching of the ship’s engines actually knocks you to the ground inside your ravine. A blast furnace of heat and sand wash over both of you throwing you into coughing fits. You open your eyes to slits just long enough to catch the emblem on the ship that performed the flyover. “The Ebon Blade” Drax looks at Ray and mutters, “This may have just gone really badly.” Sand falls from his mouth with his words.


Pulling Ray along, Drax dives into the closest ravine. clinging to the edge, he tries to be still. stealth base is 10 if you want to handle the rolls, train.

gimme shelter

Drax performs a perception check 28/natural 20 looking for cover from the storm.

that's no explosion

“DRAX!” Raymus quickly grabbed Drax by the back of his shirt. “That’s no explosion!” Pushing Drax in front of him, he scanned the area for cover. “We need to find cover, NOW!”

Can we see the village? What’s the landscape look like?


“Das’t!” Drax cursed “Come on! We can’t leave her!” With that Drax turns towards the explosion.

Maya's reply

Zzzzzktt “We’ve got a situation. Get to the town and see if you can quickly find someone selling Kadril stones. Then get back here ASAP. I’m prepping the Blade for our next jump. Other than that, me and Zuckuss are just gonna hang out for a bit…” zzzzkkTT. Immediately, in your heads, both of you can hear Maya scream “RUN!” Looking back toward the direction you came, a cloud of dust grows larger…

next move

“I don’t know, but that woman with Zuckuss is a mandalorian, fierce worriers that love to fight.” Raymus keyed his com “Maya, this is Ray. I have reasons to believe there is a small village North of our current location. What is your situation? over”


Drax shakes his head. “Do you even know who he is? We cannot let him fall into Wraths hands. And what’s up with the bounty hunters?”

TeeO's saftey

“Like I said, Lash was ordered to capture TeeO and bring him to Omega. I had to act quickly for TeeO’s safety. Maya assures me TeeO is safe. I do not know his currently location. None of the others know of this.” Raymus waited giving Drax time to sink the information in before speaking again. “I’m sorry that I held that from you for so long, but I had to wait till we were away from the others.” Raymus began looking around and surveying the area.

(I use Sense Force, rolled 30; full-round action, sense other Force users range of 100 Kilometers pg 77 for further details.)


“What?!” Drax struggled to keep his voice low. “Why didn’t you tell me? Where is he? and How many others know this?”


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