The Crystal Odyssey

The plan

The plan was simple. Maya would use the Force to enhance her abilities and jump over the impound yard fence at a spot distant from the gate. Drax and Ray would use Mind Trick to gain entrance and they would fly right out of there. Things do not always go as they should.

2339 standard time

(I want you guys to write the story from each of your perspectives on how the escape goes. I’m rolling for each of you and just posting the numbers I roll. You apply them in order to each thing you try. We’ll see how this goes.) Drax: 20, 15, 11, 14, 20, 1, 15, 18, 19, 4, 5 Ray: 18, 7, 11, 17, 17, 6, 20, 1, 19, 18, 2, 6

Let me know if you need more.


“What do you guys think?” Drax looks to Maya and Ray for their input.


“Well…you just surprise me more and more. Price depends on what exactly it entails. If you want us to bust your ride out of impound it’ll cost you plenty. If you want me to drop you into the yard and you bust it out yourself…that’s cheaper. If you want this Mandalorian captured..well, you better call Boba Fett. We steal stuff, we don’t kidnap. Besides, she’s probably beat feet off this planet anyways. I got some friends that told me she couldn’t find enough firepower on this rock.”

The Score

“We need our ship out of the inpound and this Mandalorian captured. Alive.” Drax says bluntly. “Price?”

perception for ambush

meet up

Maya responds, “Okay, I’ll meet you at Bay 12. Our Gand friend has conveniently disappeared…”

When you arrive at Bay 12, the redheaded woman is directing crew members to get things ready to go. She sees you approach and cuts straight to business. “Ahhh, slippery little cusses are you? Got past those troopers?

Now what’s this business you have?”

Bay 12

“Let’s head over to Bay 12 before those troopers change their minds.” DRax says, smiling. “Just in case we’re being set up, I think we should radio MAya and let her know what we’re doing. She may want to be present or at least nearby during this meeting.”

“Oh yeah!” Drax says looking down at the paper the lady had given him.

Maya reports

Your com link crackles to life. “Guys, I found our ship. It’s been impounded. She’s really starting to get on my nerves…”


(roll) This citizen is mistaken. It was obviously someone else. Sorry for the bother. The Chadra-Fan jumps up and down as he moves alongside the shadow stormtroopers out the door.

Not the droids your looking for

“This person is obviously mistaken.” Drax says “The people you’re looking for are probably long gone by now.” He adds, tapping ionto the force.

Mind trick


“Sir, this citizen reports seeing you and your friend exiting an ARC-170 starfighter on the edge of town. This is the same ARC-170 starfighter that earlier today shot a proton torpedo into the new Alliance garrison being built on the edge of town. Do you have an alibi, and more importantly is that your starfighter and can I see some I.D.?”


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