The Crystal Odyssey

Into the Darkness

As the trio, (now foursome) entered the first sublevel of the temple area, they found themselves pitched into blackness. While the ruined ground floor above had at least some reflected light streaming in, the underground level is pitch black. As the heroes scurry down the empty shaft, they must rely on their glowrods to light the way. Beneath the heroes is a rubble pile that fell inside the shaft, blocking the path north to the vehicle hangar, but the south exit out of the turbolift is clear. Once outside the lift shaft, the heroes find themselves at the intersection of two corridors that form an “L” shape. A thin coat of dust covers the floor, disturbed in places where several beings have recently traveled. The walls are constructed of reinforced white duraplast. The corridor going east leads to several small study chambers and the remains of a control room, before being blocked by a cave-in. The corridor going straight (south) has two blast doors and turns left about 30 meters down Maya cracks open a new glow rod and tosses one down each corridor. She speaks with a soft voice, “Don’t really understand why you came on this quest since you seem to already have a lightsaber…”

(Here’s where you guys make decisions where to go, and what to do. It’s pitch black and the map is from 7-ay and the best of his knowledge.) The blast doors down here won’t open without jury rigging them with blaster power supplys or finding the generator and powering it up. Your only other options are to beat the doors down or lightsaber them. Great stories to both of you btw!

man vs lizard

“What the h” Before Raymus had time to react, one of the lizards jumped at him slashing, the claws made a scraping noise as it hit his armor and the force of the blow knocked him down on his back. As the lizard pounced, Ray brought his rifle up as a shield in front of his face. The lizard began to hiss; chewing on the rifle in frustration it released and reared its head back for another strike. “AAHHH!!” Raymus screamed as something built up inside of him, releasing the force in a wave, it repulsed (Repulse) the beast off of him, causing it to fly back a few feet.

Raymus stood up, though the beast was already on the move, running toward him, Ray tried to make some distance by running the other direction. Ray turned, aimed his rifle and shot. “Frack!” The gun was damaged and useless from the creature’s last attack. The lizard closed in quickly, rushing in with his claws. Raymus took a few steps toward it and jumped over the lizard. (Surge) Raymus was able to get a bit of distance from the lizard “Ok.” Raymus caught his breath, took a quick look at his gun, he threw it down. As the beast caught up, Raymus extended his hand out toward it. The Beast froze and was now floating in the air. “Bite on this!” Raymus flung his arm to the right, causing the creature to slam into the side of a building. The lizard made a shrieking sound and struggled. Raymus held his gaze on the lizard, focusing in his other hand, a ball of wind built up and he threw it into the beast, again the beast shrieked but this time did not move or struggle.

With a satisfying smile Raymus let out a relieving laugh, but the sound a familiar roar caught his attention. Another one of those lizards finished swallowing one of the scavengers. Raymus thought to himself “Maybe it’ll leave now that it’s full?” The creature let out another roar and charge toward Raymus. “Frraaaaack!” Raymus yelled as he ran the other direction. “Wrong turn!” Raymus ran into a dead end, the debris of downed buildings blocked his way (Force focus = Surge). As the lizard turned the same corner, Raymus was gone. It’s pray was nowhere to be seen, yet it could still smell it. The sound of a big BOOM! caused it to turn its attention back the entrance, now blocked by more debris. The beast circled looking for a way out and found none.

Raymus quickly ran back to the location of his comrades.

Going Down?

“I’ll go first.” Drax offered. Tying his synthrope off to a nearby piece of rebar the young man turned and began his descent into the darkness below.

“Master, Do be careful. You could easily slip and fall from this height!” Seven, as Drax had come to call the protocal droid, protested from his harness strapped to Drax’s back.

“Couldn’t you have just left it back on the ship with Crash?” Ray mocked the droid. “He’s already told us everything he knows.”

“He could still be useful.” Drax conteded. “He knows this place better than any of us, and if tehre are others down here, we may need a good translater.”

“Indeed!” The droid added proudly. “I am programmed with over seven thousand different dialects and species langauges!”

“Shush!” Maya ordered the boiserous droid. “We’re making too much noise.

A few moments later the party stood at the bottom of the shaft. As they gathered themsleves, Drax drew his lightsaber, but left it unignited.

“When were you going to tell me about that?” Maya asked.

“Teeo has been teaching me for some time.” Drax added. “I’m sorry I never said anything. I feared you would not approve.”

“And did Teeo give it to you?” She pressed.

“That’s a long story.” Drax countered, hoping to stave the conversation off for another time.

“Now really isn’t the time.” Ray chimed in, motioning to the Open door before them. “We need to get moving.”


After you do some reconnaissance outside, you can see that the ruins of eight rectangular buildings surround the tower like ragged teeth. The grounds between them and the main building used to be gardens, but are now littered with ferrocrete hunks of blasted wall and the remains of a military ship that crashed into the north side of the tower.

Soon, you pass the outer buildings and grounds that surround the academy proper. The remains of the circular structure are immediately identifiable as Coruscani in design. The majestic white marble tower lies toppled on the ground. Once you pass the yawning entrance, where the 5-meter-high double doors were ripped from their hinges by someone who valued only their material worth, you find yourselves in the entry hall. Even with all the surrounding devastation, the wonder of this place remains palpable. The few interior walls still standing are also made of white Selonian marble, lined with thick veins of silver that form into knots where wall and floor meet. Inlaid cases carved into the entry hall walls are set at about a meter off the floor. Dust-free spots inside them show that their contents were stolen rather recently. Only some sections of the ground floor remain accessible. Most of the corridors were blocked when the upper floors caved in during the bombardment. You must make your way over or under a row of once-dazzling columns at the hall center, now shattered into pathetic fragments. At the other end, past the cracked bust of a venerable Twi’lek Jedi, the only unobstructed path leads to the fountain chamber. Once there, you find yourselves in a large, circular room, half of which is completely caved in. There are five marble benches lined up along the curving wall on the left and an exit at the other end, which leads to another dark corridor. While the farthest half is filled with debris, in the middle of the room sits a magnificent fountain. From its center extends an impressive sculpture of a large humanoid hand, palm out in a welcoming gesture. The work of art is cracked from the impacts it suffered during the attack. The fountain waters stopped bubbling a long time ago, and at the bottom of the dried-up pool is a dark, viscous substance that seems to slightly alter its shape. Must be a trick of the light. There seems to be nothing of interest in this former contemplation chamber. As you approach the black substance that lies at the center of the fountain, a tendril of ooze lashes out faster than the eye can see, and a profound cold engulfs you for a second. Before anyone realizes what has happened, the puddle of ooze disappears down the fountain water shaft. (8pts dmg to Drax) The right path on the ground floor is pretty clear-cut. The holomap contained within SevenAy is useful only once the heroes reach the sublevels. Still, the droid reveals that the inaccessible rooms on the ground floor used to be offices and classrooms, the lightsaber training room, and the grand lecture hall. The only way downstairs is via an empty turbolift shaft located past the fountain chamber and to the left. But before they reach it, the heroes’ passing causes a wall to cave in—a wall that was sustaining the ceiling by a hairpin. Both of you and Maya dodge out of the way of the falling debris (roll) barely escaping being pinned underneath it. It shows signs of recent activity, and (roll) you know that there were several humanoids (roll) who passed here in the past few days . There are no handholds inside the shaft. To descend, the heroes must climb down or use an item such as a syntherope. The turbolift shaft descends for 15 meters (10 squares) before reaching the first sublevel.

Maya turns and looks at both of you. “As we descend into the temple, do not let your own selves descend into hatred. I have a feeling we are all about to be tested.”

The Chase!

Without thinking, Drax drew his lightsaber and ignited it. As he did he watched as the largest of the creatures pounced on the nearest Ugor, ripping it in half before turning it’s attention to Drax.

Drax barely managed to somersault backwards as the beast’s claws swiped the air where he had previously stood. The beast was relentless though chasing after Drax as he backed away, waving his lightsaber as a weake deterrent.

In the blur of the battle, Drax could see Ray and Maya coordinating their attacks against two of the smaller beast while the scavengers tried to fend off the other. Drax knew that neithr group would be of much help with the Alpha.

Looking past the lizard, Drax saw his utilty belt laying on the ground where Splrmuck had dropped it. Turning off his lightsaber, Dra x hesitated as teh ravenous beast lunged at him. As the creature came down Drax doverolled under the creature rolling out behind it so that he and the beast had switched postions.

Without stopping to look back, Drax contiued on stopping only to swipe up his belt and pull the liquid cable dispenser from one of the pouches. Feeling the beast close on him, but not daring to look back, Drax next manuevered back to the corpse of the fallen Ugor. Drax quickly snagged up the dead aliens blaster pistol and went to work attaching the line dispenser to the gun.

“Aghgh!” Drax screamed as the lizards claw swiped down his back leaving five lines of blood and shredded cloth in it’s wake. Pushing through the pain, Drax next focused on a high piece of rebar hanging off a ledge from the giant temple. Not having time to aim, Drax just closed his eyes and let the force guide the shot. “Thwack!” The grapple connected dead on with the metal bar. Drax hit the reel button attached to the dispenser and was immediately rocketed up towards the ledge.

As he shot past the Demon lizard Drax allowed himself a smile that was shortlived as he felt something wrap around his foot. Suddenly his body felt as if it were about to be ripped in half. Struggling to hold on to the blaster/reel he looked down to see the creature has latched onto his leg with it large tongue.

“NGRHH!” Drax growled as the pain shot through his body. It was all he could do not to let go of the Pistol and fall into the beast waiting maw. Trying to block out the pain that racked his body, Drax released one of his hands from the grappling line and reached for his lightsaber. If he could just reach down far enough, he could sever the beast tongue. Drax ingnited the blade and swung low, but found the writhing appendage just out of reach of the blades tip. “Dast!” he screamed in agony.

Clicking the lock button on the lightsaber, Drax did the only other thing he could: Once again focusing through the force, he pointed the lightsaber down at the beast and let go. As the blade fell it cut a swath through the creatures tongue severing it. The beast roared in pain as it fell down onto the rubble below. The weight from the Lizard gone, the reel resumed it winding, pulling the injured Drax up to the ledge.

Once on the ledge, Drax allowed himself to sit for a moment. with his left foot he kicked the slimy tongue from his right, letting it fall over into the darkness below. He could hear blaser fire and shouts in the distance. He could only hope that Maya and Ray were alright. Injured, unarmed and trapped as he was there was little Drax could do, but hope. Reaching for his comm unit, Drax called into the ship. “Crash! It’s Drax! I need youto power up the ship and get over here! We need some help!” A familier and comforting whizzing and beeping returned over the comm.

Remembering the beast that had chased him so determidly, Drax decided to spare a glance down to see what had become of the beast. As he peered over his heart sank. The beast had not given up on his quarry and was in fact climbing up the side of the temple in a slow but steady effort. Razor sharp claws dug into metal and stone as the beast made it’s way up the side of the building.

Climbing to his feet Drax began his own climb. As he made the slow trek up the face of the temple wakk he would occasionally glance down to see the giant, but injured lizard keeping pace with him. After what seemed like hours, but was only a few minutes Drax reached the roof of the demolished temple. With nowhere to run, he picked up a piece stone and back away from the ledge, ready to go down swinging.

A few moments later, the beast emerged from over the side of the building. Slowly, it crept closer to Drax, as if it wanted to savor the coming kill. “Come on, you motherfrakker!” Drax shouted his comtempt for the beast that was abou to end him.

Letting out a gutteral growl that built to a roar the beast reared back and pounced. Drax closed his eyes and waited for death to come. He couldn’t hear the turbine lasers or the Jetwash because of the beast roared. When he opened his eyes again, the beast lay at his feet, it’s carcass a smoking ember. Above him and off to the side of the building hovered the Ebon Blade. “BLLLZ Snnnp WHIRRRR!” Crash whistled excitedly over the comm. Relieved, Drax collapsed to the ground.


Splrmuck looks at the belt with a squinty eye and says “Throw in the blaster pistol and I’ll relinquish my claims” . Jimi waves the blaster pistol away and stares intently at your breath masks. “You need that…? Is deses air poisonis? Dom be dat breath masks.” You throw him some spare breath masks and the utility belt and pistol to the Ugor, and everyone seems very happy, including the droid who seems very relieved he isn’t going to the primitives. Just then, Splrmuck drops his belt (which is very unusual) and pulls his blaster pistol turning to face the darkness. Your only warning is the gurgling exclamation, “Holy irrebducible garbágina!” from one of the Ugors, followed by a loud, inhuman growl. As you turn around, there, in the light of the lamps, appear horrors wrenched from the realm of darkness. Giant reptilian, slavering monsters, black as the void and just as soulless, burst from the concealment of the academy ruins, galloping toward you! The Dark Lizards’ hungry, inky tongues unfurl from gullets that seem bottomless, thanks to the 10-centimeter ebon teeth lining their mouths, which dribble tarlike drool. These beasts resemble living shadows, and only their ivory claws indicate that their origin is not supernatural. Their obsidian hides radiate incalculably vile energy. There is no sign of intelligence in their primeval gazes, only the brand of distilled evil—their eyes smolder with the orange-red glow of the dark side.

(I rolled up the battle against the Dark Lizards and you guys won with the help of the Jinn’Ha and Ugor. Write up your take on the battle with flair and gusto against the 4 Dark Lizards (one of which is the Alpha lizard) and feel free to injure or kill anybody but your group. The lizards attack with powerful charge, pin, and their prehensile tongue that can grab people. Play it up for action. You both sense the dark side strong in the beasts, I’ll wait for both to respond.)

We can work it out...

Drax sizes up the to scavengers. “What if I offered a trade?” he ask. “If I wrere to throw away this nice belt.” he says looking at the ugor while motioning to his utility belt, figuring that the chance to claim good junk better than a straight trade. “and give you this nice blaster pistol.” He says, now looking at he Jinn’Ha. “Would that sound like a fair deal for both of you to let me have the droid?”



After much confusing chatter, and some help from the droid translating the local speak, you pare down what the argument is about to this: SplrMuck, the Jinn’Ha from the tribe of Ugor that’s holding the droids left arm, explains that his group found the droid first, fair and square, dragging it out from the temple ruins. He set the droid down in front of the entrance for just a second when he saw your ship set down nearby. SplrMuck’s story, if true, seems to be news to Jiminaldomabbramsti (Jimi)- the feisty Jinn’Ha from the tribe of Tooka that currently has a death grip on the droid’s right arm. He works for a Jinn’Ha named Squeerie, and Jimi insists that no Ugors were around at the time he found this “treasure” near the entrance. Possession is nine-hundred-and ninety-one thousandths of Jinn’Ha Law, so if SplrMuck set the droid down, for whatever reason, it’s fair game. By contrast, Ugors have turned garbage gathering into a religion, and Ugorian Divine Law decrees that the first being to find a piece of junk consecrates it with his contact, a mark of ownership instantly identifiable and expected by any other Ugor. As for the half-droid himself, he explains respectfully that he is 7-A39, or SevenAy, a former protocol droid for the household of Chentry, queen of the Codru peoples before she was assassinated by agents loyal to Queen Chentry’s husband. Afterwards he was cast into the pit that was opened up during the bombing of this world where he spent the next 10 years crawling through rubble and debris trying to (here he has to be interrupted as he seems as if he could recount the entire 10 years if you didn’t stop him) Maya asks for a moment to discuss their problems and pulls you two aside. “If we can get our hands on that droid, he might be able to give us some details of the underground facility. It appears one of you is going to have to settle their dispute.” In the course of the discussions, you discover none of those present have seen TeeO or know what an Imieci Spire is. Maya points out that the Imieci Spire was just built on Coruscant.

Here and Now

Drax watched as Ray spoke with the locals. The feeling of darkness nearly overwhelmed him. Yet, he found himself drawn along. His mind raced for answers to questions long overdue. He had searched for the truth about his father, no about himslef for so long. If the data that Crash downloaded back at Jolok’s palace were to be believed, then the truth about his past possibley lay somewhere in this wasteland.

Then there was TeeO. What had drawn the boy here? Was it possible that his destiny and the Teeo’s were somehow linked to this planet. WHat had happened here? Drax found his head spinning with frustration.

“Are you okay?” Maya asked, concerned.

“Wah? Yeah. Yeah.” Drax answered, collecting his thoughts. “Listen. There’s something I gotta tell you. I think I may have been here before.”

Maya stared at Drax, confusion etched across her face. “What do you mean?”

“I’m not sure what it was, but I believe I was part of some kind of expeirement that took place here several years ago, when I was a child.” Drax closed his eyes as he spoke. “Back at Jolok’s Palace, I had Crash download some files. I was looking for information about my father. Trying to find why he was murdered. What I found…” Drax let his words trail off.

“What are you getting at?” Maya asked sternly.

“I think I may have been born here.” Drax said as he moved away from Maya and up to the three scavengers, currently arguing with Ray.

“Excuse me.” Drax said as he entered the conversation. “First off.” He said motioning to the mangled droid. ” Who exactly is your master?” Then turnng his gaze to the scavengers. ” Do any of you know where the Imieci Spire is located?”

The Eagle has landed.

Drax closes his eyes amidst the increasing barrage of laser attacks and reaches out with the force. The response he receives is muted at first with an increasing pull toward the dark spot on the planet. The pull continues to grow until Drax finally emits so much effort trying not to be sucked into the blackness that he screams out. “AAAaaagghh!!” Ray looks over his shoulder while firing. “What the Frak Drax?! Stop messing around and pull that trigger!!” A TIE interceptor buzzes closely over the canopy causing a reflexive duck from Drax. Maya wipes the sweat from her brow while staring intensely at the planet below. “They aren’t gonna get us yet…” Drax points to the part of the planet devoid of any glow or light…”There, that’s where we need to land!” Maya throws the ARC-170 into a hard nose dive barely avoiding two TIE defenders who came too close. Ray yells out “YAHOO!” as he blasts the last of three TIE fighters on their tail. The remaining few turn around and fly back toward the red menace. As you descend into the clouds of Mondu Codru, you notice this part of the planet looks like it was just bombarded from space yesterday. Nothing grows and, being the side of the planet furthest from the sun at the moment, no light is available in the form of beacons or cities. Only the bright spotlights from the Ebon Blade shine any light on this forsaken planet. And it only reveals miles and miles of flat uninteresting land. Maya puts the ship down near what the navcomputer describes as the former spaceport of Forard. The ship’s sensors detect only a few life forms in the vicinity. The planet’s atmosphere is cold and has a very high oxygen concentration. The air contains traces of toxins (such as methane and phosphorus), and (roll) your training reveals that you should wear breath masks, at least while outside the ruins, to avoid being affected. Drax and Ray jump down from the Blade with their masks in place and look around the bleak planet. The lowlight prohibits seeing farther than 3 feet in front of you. A lantern glows from within the cockpit as Maya jumps down to join them. A radius of about 6 feet is all you can see clearly. Ray digs into his backpack to remove his datapad. He pulls up “Mondu Codru” for reference. (roll)

MONDU CODRU (Forard zone) Region: Expansion Region Climate: Desolate wasteland, temperate kaluthin grasslands (high oxygen) Gravity: Normal Moons: 1 (Dorumaa) Length of Day: 38 standard hours Length of Year: 5,547 local days Sapient Species: 66% Human, 14% Jinn’Ha, 20% other species Government: None Capital: Forard (abandoned) Major Exports: None Major Imports: None

Maya completes the Social Science lesson with what she knows of the area and how it relates to the Jedi. “Forard is a vast wasteland where no kaluthin has grown for two hundred years. This dead zone is cold and lifeless, and breathing apparatus’ are required to survive in it. The area has grown steadily for centuries and now has reached the Sith academy’s doorstep. In the heart of the wasteland is an ancient Sith fortress, which was abandoned about a thousand years ago. It was just re-discovered during the bombing of the city by Bodo Mobodu’wan, our illustrious Emperor.” Maya eyes Drax. “This is what we have to thank the Empire and Bodo for.” She waves her hand at the blackness. “The wasteland has grown at an estimated radius of 1 meter per year, though the death of kaluthin was further accelerated recently, starting about 13 years ago with sabotage by a dark side cult called the Believers. Since the razing of the City, however, a radical surge in the dead zone has occurred. The wasteland now encompasses a radius of 5,000 kilometers, with a trail that leads straight to the ghost town of Forard. It is rumored that the Sith Lord who built the fortress around 4,000 years ago also created the kaluthin, combining his knowledge of bioengineering with the power of the Force. The kaluthin ability to synthesize the atmosphere of an entire planet is still considered an amazing achievement today. Until recently, scientists researched ways of transplanting the glowing grass to other worlds, but met with little success. Over a thousand years ago, a plant named kaluthin took root on the icy, lifeless world, nourishing itself from large underground lakes. Over time, the kaluthin synthesized the planet’s poisonous atmosphere (composed in large part of methane and phosphorus) into enough oxygen to sustain carbon-based life. Still, prolonged exposure can be hazardous to one’s health due to trace amounts of toxins, and breath masks or atmospheric regulators are strongly recommended.” Maya looks around…”We’re standing in the middle of what used to be a large metropolis. The spaceport I believe. We need to make our way to the Sith underground temple. That’s where TeeO will be…though I’ve tried to sense him and I can’t get anything in this large blackness.” (Anyone using the Use the Force skill automatically detect a strong presence of the dark side as soon as they get within 1 kilometer of the ruins (no check required). Due to the dark side interference, other uses of the Sense Force option of the skill are unavailable to any Force-using character or beast remaining within that range.)

The glow of the running lights of the ARC-170 kick on and light up a square block of the city. The city is empty of men, women, and children. Hostile winds whip through the lifeless streets and between the alleyways of abandoned buildings. The light reveals strewn debris and the occasional decomposing body—the calling cards of looters and bandits who plundered the city after the unexpected attack almost twelve years ago. As you walk through the discarded remnants of old lives, you notice the empty twin buildings housing the local children’s school. To your left, you see faded graffiti on the wall, below a sign that reads “Remembrance Hall.” A collective chill runs down your spines as you make out suspiciously red letters that say, “DEATH TO THE UNFAITHFUL.” When you get within a hundred meters of the temple ruins, you realize that all the grass inside this radius has died off. This area is as dead as the entire planet was millennia ago. (roll) Drax stops the trio from moving. “Wait…we’re being watched…”

As the heroes make their way to the city center, they reach the outer buildings that surround the temple—or what used to be the temple. Extrapolated from the Coruscant Jedi Temple’s original design, only a few crumbling walls of the Sith learning center and burial chambers are still visible. As the heroes near what might have been the entrance to the temple grounds, a cacophony of barely intelligible voices assails their ears. When the heroes get even closer, they spot three beings in space suits towering over five aliens that look like rabid canines with blue fur. A member of each group is engaged in a tug-of-war over what looks like the upper half of a tarnished silver protocol droid. “Ged your unholy pseudopoda off dis Holy Artifact, Tooka,” the big one says. The little guy retorts, “From our dead, cold paws, ugly Ugor fiend-being! We did the location finding of this silver-ish, prettisome treasure pre-secondary!” “It is unfortunate,” the half-droid says, “that my Master never programmed me for a denouement of this particular design.” “Hey, byu!” One of larger ones yells, popping off its helmet and waving you over “Hey byu, tell dese zinners we find dis Holy Artifact infinitely dimes infinitely before dem. Blease!”


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