The Crystal Odyssey

A little help here

“Hey guys.” Drax said warily. “Sorry I couldn’t take your calls. Had company…” As he spoke Drax collapsed into a heap on the floor.

“Dast! Hang in there, Drax!” Ray shouted as he closed the distance to his fallen friend.

“Is he gonna be alright?” Maya asked as she examined the destruction throughout the room.

“Yeah, I think so.” Ray Answered, turning the Drax’s limp body over onto his back. “He’s definately had the poodoo kicked out of him, though.”

“It’s seems he’s not the only one.” Maya replied with a disgusted look on her face as she examined the dismembered and mutilated corpses.

10-20 (Your location)

Raymus repeated his transmission. “Drax, WHAT’S YOUR 10-20!” Looking a Maya momentarily before running “We need to get back to the Library ASAP.” As Ray raced back to Drax’s last known location, Raymus kept the com link open. “Drax! Dammit, answer me!”

White Noise

Drax doesn’t answer. He’s either out of range or to preoccupied at the moment.

Did you feel that?

Raymus’s voice comes across Drax com link. “Drax, what’s your status?”


Maya adds in her thoughts, “Perhaps it is our destiny to split up but I do not feel comfortable with it. Especially since we cannot sense each other’s presence. But I feel strongly that you, Drax, are tied to this place in the force and that you must face whatever it is alone. Ray and I will travel back to the control room and see if we can find a computer that’s working that tells us how far this rabbit hole goes. If you transmit the map to our datapad we can both use the map. Make sure and use your comlink for any trouble. We will try to circle around the top of the meditation chambers and meet you in the library. I’m sorry for letting the dark side get to me earlier…and may the Force be with you.”

Split up

“We’ll split up, but stay on the same level and we’ll stay in constant contact. Check in every 5 minutes.”

No you shut up!

Drax stared blankly at Maya, shaking his head. “What is up with you?” He asked. “Ever since we’ve entered the temple you’ve been spoiling for a fight with me.”

Before Maya could answer Ray jumped in. “Shake it off you two. It’s the darkside. It’s messing with both of you. Let’s just keep our heads in the game.”

“You’re right.” Drax sighed. “I’m sorry, Maya. Let’s just go find Teeo.”

Drax studied the datapad for a few moments before looking up at the others. “There is a library a little further down the hall and a stidy and archive room linked to it. May be a goo place to look. You guys think we should split up?”

[Drax throws Seven onto the repulser sled and makes his way towards the library, unless the others offer another course of action. If You want to split up and search this level we can or just stick together.]


The lights in all the rooms flicker like in some low budget horror movie. Enough to see, but also enough to be disturbingly annoying. “Only had enough power to crank the lights on this level but we may be able to access the mainframe if we could find a working console.” Ray looked like he expected them to believe it more than he did.

Tit for tat

Ray and Maya bring up the rear following closely with glowrods in each of their hands. The glow of the datapad off of Drax’s face showed them that he was following the map down to the second of the two doors to the south. With a snap hiss of his lightsaber, the green glow of the datapad was replaced with the red eerie glow of the lightsaber. Ray said, “Aren’t you even gonna try it before you cut a hole in it?” Drax replied, “And miss an opportunity to use this thing?” With that he plunged it headlong into the blast door. As he slowly twisted it and pulled it along, he overheard Maya whisper to Ray, “Doesn’t he look like the Emperor in that light?” Soon, the slag of metal fell inward allowing the trio to duck and step inside the room labeled as the generator room. Behind the door, the room was roughly 12 meters by 20 meters. The room houses the academy’s power generator, a huge cylindrical turbine. Close inspection reveals that it is damaged beyond salvation. A smaller turbine nearby is the backup generator, and it is mostly intact. It can be powered on from the computer in the control room or by connecting a datapad directly to it and issuing the activation commands. The backup generator has only enough juice to power one level of the academy at a time, and since the top floors no longer exist, Ray thinks they can use it to power one of the two sublevels. The largely empty room also has a functioning repulsor sled, which the heroes can use to haul their gear around. Ray kneels down in front of the backup generator and proceeds to try to hook up a blaster pack to it for power. (roll) While he does that, Maya takes the opportunity to respark the conversation from earlier. “So Seven, didn’t I hear you say that your Master Queen Chentri was assassinated on her HUSBAND’S orders?” Seven-Ay’s eyes lit up as though he’d been asked his first question in 12 years. “Why YES milady…he was a fairly surly creature. Always brooding in his separate quarters. I tried to tell My Lady Kirian that she could do better, even if he WAS descendant of a long dead planet’s empire. She, of course, wouldn’t…” Maya cut him off. “Yes, yes…you mentioned that…and he threw you into the caverns to hide, what I presume was the only evidence of his crime…” “Well, milady, I don’t like to presume much, but I was the only witness to the conversation between he and the Sith assassin. After the assassination, upon my urging, Lady Chentri had programmed me on her death to hide in these tombs…but His majesty sent his goons after me and they decided to send me into the caverns … face first and in pieces!” The droid almost looks as though he might cry. “And Seven…I don’t think I caught the name of your master’s husband…the one that did this to you and her.” “Oh, milady…I don’t think I could forget…even if I had my memory erased! It was Lord Mobodu’wan…Bodo Mobodu’wan…” Maya grins as she eyes Drax coolly.

Generator room.

“I went on the journey with you for enlightenment. Also isn’t constructing your own lightsaber one of the final Jedi tests?” Drax countered Mayas verbal jab.

“Will you two cool it?!” Ray raised his voice barely above a harsh whisper.

“He’s right.” Maya collected herself. “We’ll talk about this after we’ve gotten TeeO out of here.”

“Fine.” Drax replied. ” It looks like the next two doors on the right lead to the repair room and the generator. I think we should see about getting the power restored. May help with the light situation too.”

Drax quietly heads down the hall, making his way to the generator room.


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