The Crystal Odyssey

Easy Easy...

Drax eases his hands into the air. “What’s the problem, sir?” he ask innocently.


You both stand up pulling your collar up around your face trying to look for a back way out. (roll) You notice a curtained door behind the bar but there is a bartender between you and it. The other exit is behind the Shadow Stormtroopers. When you stand up, you see a short Chadra-Fan who is standing next to the troopers, chirping, and pointing in your direction. The taller trooper shouts, “Stop!”

Deep poodoo

“What’s she look like?” The redhead says coolly. Ray offers, “She dark headed, attractive, and wears the mark of one of the Mandalorian clans.” She seems taken aback. “You boys don’t mess with small timers do you?” Seeming to reassess the situation, she leans forward. “So what’s the job? That’ll all depend on whether or not I can wait on payment.”

(roll) Drax cuts his eyes to the front door. In walks something you’ve never seen before, only heard about. Two Shadow Stormtroopers. Sliding down in your booth, the redhead catches your eyes and notices the new guests. “Are they here for you? You must be worth some money…why didn’t you say so?” She takes off her glove and slides across a slip of paper while standing up. “Meet me at bay 12 if you wanna finish this business. I got enough problems with the ‘Sons of Bodo’. I don’t need anymore today.” With that you notice three others get up and move in the same direction with her…the door.

Talk Talk Talk

Drax sits back, staying relaxed. “We may be looking for some help…” he says. “Our ship was stolen recently. We have reason to believe the culprit has made her way to this spaceport. We don’t have much in the way of credits at the moment, thanks the traitor, but i’m sure we could reach some sort of agreement if you don’t mind waiting for payment until the job is done.”

Rolls perception


After what seemed like forever, you find one of the locals who tries to sell you a “Kadril Stone” who suggests trying the ‘Warm Poodoo”. You make your way to the aptly named bar and saunter inside trying to look tougher than you are. After throwing some credits at the bartender, he directs you to a booth that looks like it has dried blood stains all in it. Drinking on your garbled mishput, you notice a not unattractive redhead in hip boots walking your way. She sits down without asking. “You boys looking for some help to hire? I got me a crew of seven including two assassin droids that just happen to be available.” She lays one hand on the table to act relaxed and the other disappears underneath the table. You have a feeling you’re being watched.

The search

Drax begins by asking some of the locals if the have seen anyone fitting her description, or if they knew a good plae to hire some “Help”.

Gather info

Into the Hive

After landing at the spaceport, Drax stepped off the ship and took a look around. Zuckuss wasn’t lying. All around the port were small hovels and vendor stands. Shady aliens, some unfamilier to Drax drifted in and out of the alleys. Drax had spent enough time on the underside of Cloud Cuty to know better than to enter those dark places.

“Look, we don’t have much time.” Drax stated “I think we should split up. Two of us should search around the port for the Ebon Blade and perhaps see abot getting the Mist Hunter repaires, while the other two should start trying to locate Ailyn. I leave it to you to decide how we split up.”


Maya and Zuckuss have only superficial wounds. Ailyn (that’s her name you learn) jumped in the Ebon Blade and opened fire while Maya and Zuckuss were aboard the Mist Hunter. AFter that she flew off. Zuckuss speaks. “She’s headed toward town instead of off planet. There’s only one spaceport on this rotton berg, Achira Mocc. Full of scum and villiany. My guess is, she’s headed over there to recruit pirates to help her take on the Resurgence and maybe board that thing. She’s crazy that way. She can’t take the Resurgence by herself…not in that thing. SHe’s recruiting backup.”

“Jump in, the Hunter’ll get you to town anyways.”


“Let’s get over to that town and see if they can be of any assistance”

The Aftermath

You make your way back to where you began to see the dust just now settling and a most unusual site. Zuckuss is leaning on The Mist Hunter with blood streaming from his head and Maya is sitting cross legged on the ground, meditating and apparently wounded. The Ebon Blade is missing. “Maya! What happened?” Maya seems in a trance and not responding. Zuckuss does it for her. “I’ll tell you what happened!” He throws his rifle to the ground. “That no good nerf herder double crossed me! We were supposed to be in this together but apparently she thinks she can make it on her own!” Zuckuss stepped out the way of the nosecone of The Mist Hunter revealing where laser cannons have ripped a hole in it. Maya opened her eyes and looked at the two confused heroes. “She wanted my navcomputer. She’s backtracking to the Resurgence trying to find TeeO. I’m trying to get Fatalith, but he’s not answering. We’ve got to warn the Princess.” Zuckuss kicked his ship. “Well you can forget mine, she ripped out my long rang communications array before we landed it appears.” Maya looks at you two. “Any ideas?”


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