The Crystal Odyssey


Ryamus’s vision was blurred by the number of Tie fighters, his heart beet was all that he could hear and the hair on the back of his neck stood out, then everything seemed to go in slow motion. He put his fingers to the trigger, spraying laser fire at the Tie fighters. For every Tie fighter he took out, another took it’s place. “Get down the the planet surface, at least that way they wont be able to come at us from all sides.”


“You guys concentrate on Big Red. I’ll try to sense him with the force!” Drax yells. Closing his eyes, Drax reaches out with the force. “Teeo?” He whispers as he project the name out, hoping to reach the child.

(Use the Force)

Welcome Party

Several hours after leaving the Corellian Run, your starship exits hyperspace at the calculated point just outside the Cularin system. Without warning, you notice innumerable comets of all shapes and sizes occasionally colliding with each other, forming an enormous cloud around the system. Only pilots able to use the force, you discern, could navigate their way through this cloud. Maya does it quite easily. This cloud seems to be manufactured also, as it doesn’t appear on any readouts of the planet. Once past that danger, another jump must be calculated to avoid flying for weeks at sublight speeds. However, this time the calculations are trickier due to large, overlapping gravity wells created by the system’s dense planet cores. But you know people who’ve made the Kessel Run, and this can’t be worse than skirting the Maw cluster. An hour later, you again emerge from hyperspace and the planet farthest from Cularin’s twin suns comes into view, lambent and mysterious: Mondu Codru. The first thing you notice from orbit is the strange luminescence that emanates from the planet itself. The twin suns are too distant to illuminate the planet effectively, and you are approaching from the side facing away from them. Yet most of the surface emits a faint glow, except for one dark spot where the force tells you you must go. As soon as you near Mondu Codru, your starship sensors start beeping, alerting you to a nearby ship. A modified old Gladiator class Star Destroyer was hiding in orbit close to planet’s moon Dorumaa and is now coming at you fast, with cannons and tractor beams trained on your ship.

Maya screams out, “That’s not typical Alliance issue! That thing’s painted RED!” She dives toward the planet. Ray yells, “Do I fire? We got incoming TIE’s!” Drax offers, “Frak yeah fire…it’s them or us!” Maya starts weaving as Drax looks down on her and notices she’s frantically flipping switches. Laser fire from the TIE fighters start appearing on the periphery of his vision. Maya continues, “Where am I headed? Anyone picking up TeeO’s transponder? I got nothin’!”

On the other hand

“I guess you’re right.” Drax said. “Let’s just get there as soon as possible. I’ve got a bad feeling about this.”

Use the Force

You close your eyes and reach out with the force trying to see what consequences calling Aiala would bring. For the first two minutes you don’t sense anything…then a planet appears. You feel it’s Mondu Codru but you don’t know why. Your vision jumps to the planet’s surface where you zoom across the treetops until you come to rest above a grove. There, a snubnosed Z-95 headhunter sits in a clearing. Shadow Stormtroopers stand around it while TeeO lies face down in the mud unconcious in front of it. YOu’re startled awake.


Drax closes his eyes and searches his feelings.

Maya's response

“Though I cannot stop you from contacting Soruu, I must remind you that she is a recent convert from the Alliance and we cannot fully trust her with our interests yet. If you choose to do so, I would ask that you are vague in where we are headed or at least hold off long enough to give us a head start. Search your feelings…”


“Mondu Codru…” Drax whispered. He remembered reading about it in the files that Crash had downloaded back at Jolok’s palace. THis place had something to do with his past. The coincidence that this was the same place Teeo was headed was uncanny.

“Is there any chance at all we could radio the Resurgence? I really need to speak with A.”

Episode VI: Echoes of the Jedi


Episode VI


It is a dark time in the galaxy. The Jedi Knights, peaceful guardians of the Old Republic, are all but extinct, exterminated by the Emperor’s sinister agents. Only Luke Skywalker and a lone group of force sensitive creatures survive in hiding from an oppressive government. But a few Jedi still survive, exiled from the galaxy they once protected and leaving echoes in the Force behind. The Emperor has sensed these remnants and seeks to control them, leaving no chance for future Jedi to arise from the ashes. Most Jedi stay in hiding, some try to foil the Empire without revealing their existence, and others seek links to their former way of life, risking the wrath of the Emperor in hopes of re-igniting the flame of their ancient order . And then, there are Sith…

Change of plans

Drax tried to pull his helmet down over his flight suit and head while being severly jostled about by a adrenaline hyped Maya who decided straight up was the fastest way out of the impound yard. Owing to being a new structure that wasn’t really completed, and the lack of a serious presence here on Kadril, escape from this detention facility wasn’t met with much of a response. “MAYA! I…CAN’T…SEE…with this jostling about!” Drax had finally gotten his helmet on straight and could talk into the mic. “Hang ON!” Punching it, Ray watched as the ground grew very tiny with a few turbolasers mounted on the battlements fired for effect. Soon the calm of space surrounded them and darkness fell as they passed through the upper levels of atmosphere. Ray opened, “Well, that was way easier than I thought it was gonna be. Though we didn’t get any Kadril stones…” Maya’s line crackled, “I picked up some in town. Every street vendor had one on a chain to sell. Probably why the Alliance is moving in. They’re gonna crack down on anyone but their ‘special people’ getting one. Wait…what’s this? I’ve got a message on my transponder.” After a small amount of time of silence where Drax and Ray could tell she was listening to a message, she replied. “It was Fatalith. He says TeeO was mumbling something about his father calling. This morning he and a Z-95 Headhunter snubfighter was missing out of the bay. They’re tracking him…he’s headed for…Oh my…

Mondu Codru.”

Technical readout for Mondu Codru: Mondu Codru is a pleasant world of grasslands, rivers and lakes. The planet was located in the Raioballo Sector of the Outer Rim at an endpoint of Myto’s Arrow, the other endpoint of which was in the Obtrexta Sector, though Mondu Codru itself was still far removed from most galactic traffic. It hosted a small population spread amongst single-family settlements and small communities with large land holdings. Its sentient population consisted primarily of simple Human farmers, though Mondu Codru was also home to the primitive Jinn’Ha race.

A primitive member of the Sith race

It was also the adopted homeworld of our Royal High Emperor Bodo Mobodu’wan who united the Jinn’Ha peoples with the Sith Empire in 2 ABY. Gloriously fighting off the merciless Emperor Palpatine and restoring order to a primitive peoples.


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