Veela Saren


Right now I’m still learning the SW SAGA rules and building my character, so here’s what I’ve got so far:

Physical Description

  • 5’10”
  • 142 lbs
  • Age 17 years
  • Eyes Grey
  • Hair Ebony

Ability Score

  • Str +2
  • Dex +2
  • Con +2
  • Int +2
  • Wis +4
  • Cha +3

Others abilities

  • Initative
  • Perception
  • Base Atk


  • Fort 17
  • Ref 17
  • Will 19

Hit Points : 63


Force Powers




  • Jensaari cortosis armor (foreamr bracers and greaves)




Veela Saren was recognized, at a very early age, to have a strong force sense and ability. If she’s been born on Coruscant, her talent would have been brought to the attention of the Jedi Council and formal Jedi training; however, her parents, being close emissaries of the Anzati Jedi Knight, Nikkos Tyris, her fate was sealed to be trained as Jensaari, another branch of the force sensitivity tree.

Shortly before the outbreak of the Clone Wars, Tyris gathered together a band of like-minded Knights and Padawans, leaving Coruscant and faking his own death (along with those of his followers) to protect them from investigation. Taking a name frequently referred to in the text, Tyris dubbed his followers the Jensaarai, meaning ‘the hidden followers of truth’ in ancient Sith. The group then headed for Susevfi in the Surabi system, where the nascent Jensaarai established a base to train from. Tragically, Tyris did not notice how the manuscript was corrupting him, and how he was walking the path of the dark side. Tyris trained the Knights and Padawans in what he believed to be the secret teachings of the ‘true’ Jedi, when in fact he was really imparting Sith secrets and unknowingly converted his apprentices to the dark side. The Jensaarai trained in secret on Susevfi until their eventual discovery by a trio of Jedi Knights, with the resulting encounter dramatically changing the nature of the Jensaarai forever.

Already lost to the dark side and beyond saving, the Jensaarai presented a threat to the Galactic Republic and the Jedi realized they had a duty to stop the dark siders from spreading. A furious battle ensued in which Nikkos Tyris, Nejaa Halcyon, and the other two Jensaarai were slain. Using their combined Force powers, the Jedi (including a dying Halcyon) flung the mortally wounded Jensaarai into their nearby training base, where the release of dark side energy from their deaths collapsed the building’s foundations and all but destroyed the Jensaarai’s makeshift base. Ylenic It’kla and “Desertwind” believed the Jensaarai to be vanquished, and departed Susevfi not long after, presumably to report their findings to the Jedi Council.

Unknown to the Jedi, however, there were more Jensaarai. When the Jedi arrived at Susevfi, they only found Tyris and two other Jensaarai, and unsurprisingly concluded that these three were the ‘Sith cultists’ they had heard about. What the Jedi had failed to realize was that they had only slain the leader of the Jensaarai and two of its most experienced members. Within the Jensaarai’s base, watching the battle with the Jedi, were the rest of the Jensaarai, hidden by using their Force abilities. When Tyris and the others were slain, and the building collapsed, the Jensaarai were trapped and unable to avenge their brethren. By the time they had extricated themselves from the rubble, the Jedi were long gone. In the aftermath of the battle, the wife of one of the slain apprentices took the title of Saari-kaar for herself and began to train the next generation of Jensaarai. But, with Tyris, the ancient Sith text he had used to train the Padawans was also destroyed.

Jensaarai philosophy and abilities were thus syncretistic; the mixture of Jedi and Sith teachings complemented each other perfectly. From their Jedi roots they were deeply honorable, disciplined, and respected those same traits in their enemies. From the Sith they learned the power of aggression, though not to the point of the dark side. In that regard, the Jensaarai, after the death of Tyris, remained true to the light side, only with a different outlook on the universe and the Jedi Knights. One Jedi ideal the Jensaarai never abandoned was the defense of peace and justice. Shortly after the death of Nikkos Tyris, the Jensaarai took it upon themselves to act as custodians for Susevfi, and continued to act as much they had during their days in the Jedi Order.

Veela was born on Susevfi, seven years before the death of Darth Vader. Now 17 years of age, she is approaching her end of the Jensaari apprenticeship (Padawan) at which point she’ll become a Defender (Jedi Master). Having constructed her lightsaber in Jensaari fashion, her final test was to be the completion of her Cortosis-based Jensaari armor. The first components, and easiest to create, were the forearm bracers and greaves; this was all she had time to fashion before her capture.

Physical Description

Veela is somewhat tall, standing at 1.78 m (5’10” ft), with a rich, black mane, flowing past her shoulders; She has an atheltic build and weighs approximately 142 lbs. While very attractive, she has a way about her that tells onlookers she means business and may not be an easy mark in the end. She has a serious personality, wanting to proceed with a plan, after consideration, rather than running headlong into a fight without preparation. She is pragmatic, but is inquisitive and innovative in her approaches to solving problems. She is easy to get along with and tolerates diversity and change well. She has a well-developed sense of humor, but realizes that there is a time and place for everything.

Her Jensaari training has exposed her to the dark side of the force, but she remains on the light side. While seeking the Jedi Master, Luke Skywalker, to complete her training at he new underground and secretive Jedi training academy she was apprehended.

Veela Saren

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