Maya Ariel


Maya is a slim, attractive brunette in her mid 30’s whose face betrays a wiser person. She has spent all of her life training to be a soldier and was a young 19 years old when she was recruited to go with a task force to find Princess Leia. She has an heir of confidence about her that is muted by her extremely bright outlook on life. She trains in the ways of the force occasionally with Princess Leia in secret and chooses not to wield a lightsaber. She prefers to enhance her already remarkable hand to hand combat skills with the force.


Maya Ariel grew up on the planet Alderaan in a military family. Her father attained the rank of Master Sergeant in the Alderaanian Security forces and was at Bail Organa’s side when Grand Moff Tarkin used the immense power of the Death Star in it’s only display of planet destroying power. Maya had followed in her father’s footsteps and specialized in Executive Protection in her M.O.S. during her stint in the Alderaanian Security Forces. With her father paving the way, she was soon protecting Winter in the royal house. After Princess Leia’s ship, Tantive IV, was captured by Darth Vader and the Princess was imprisoned, Bail Organa assembled a group of the best Alderaanian Security Forces to find her. Maya’s father made sure she was on the team. Maya’s task force was en route to Coruscant when she ‘felt’ her home planet perish. It was then her latent force powers emerged and she committed herself to the protection of the future of Alderaan which she sees in Princess Leia.

Maya Ariel

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