The Crystal Odyssey

The First to Strike


Episode VII


It is a time of rebellion in the galaxy. Members of the New Alderaanian resistance have won a major victory against the Alliance, and more battles are close at hand. The Alliance’s mistreatment of non-Humans continues throughout the galaxy despite the policy against xenophobia, as Wookiees, Mon Calamari, and other species are forced to work as slaves on Imperial projects. Aboard the Resurgence, Master Fa’talith has peered into the Force and discovered another group of oppressed beings, ones who might hold the key to unlocking the mystery of Project Revelations. . .

After you’ve had the chance to rest for a few days, Captain Verana calls you all into the main conference room. Fa’talith, TeeO, and your latest convert to your cause, Veela Saren a human Jensaari. Fa’talith speaks, “Thank you for coming. I know that you have many demands on your time. As I had hoped, our friend Maya’s loss was not in vain. Thanks to her excellent tutelage by the Princess, she managed to download much information from the laboratory on Mondu Codru onto Seven Ay here and I thank you again for your assistance in recovering it. With its aid, I have deepened and lengthened my meditations and have begun to understand the glimpses I receive with greater accuracy. Unfortunately, the galaxy is filled with great suffering, and the cries of whole worlds oppressed come through the Force most clearly. In particular, I have been hearing cries for help from what I believe to be the homeworld of the slaves involved in Darth Wrath’s secret project. Having seen and heard them more clearly, I now believe that Maya may have known more than she let on when she contacted you Raymus. These prisoners were Human, but more specifically, they are all from the Tatoo system.” Ray’s ears perked up, “Teresa’s family is from Tatooine!” “I passed this information to Senator Organa, and she sent a few discreet inquiries to Aldera University. It seems that the this system may have been chosen due to it’s relationship with Luke Skywalker. They never joined the Republic and thus have no representation in the Senate so they are less likely to call upon them for aid. The Alliance has a small force on the mining planet Adriana, the third world in the Tatoo System, but has been reassigning those ships for some weeks. The slaves are native to Dantooine, the only planet in the neighboring system. Since the Alliance has no official interest in Dantooine, it seems likely that they have made raids on Dantooine for slave labor, perhaps originally to run the mines on Adriana. But they might have left some records or clues on Dantooine about the Revelations Project. Also, the people of Dantooine might make useful allies if the Alliance has mistreated them. Though there is little information about Alliance activity in our records, Captain Verana has managed to locate hyperspace coordinates for Dantooine in his navcomputer. He’s willing to drop us by there if you’re willing to check it out for us. I ask that you take a trip to Dantooine and investigate its treatment at the hands of the Alliance. Proof of Imperial depredations might give Senator Organa additional influence in the Senate, and if the Dantooine people are interested in opposing the Empire on a widespread basis, we might be able to assist them.” Drax offered, “What about the Cloud City tournament?” Captain Verana answered, “It’s still on but it’s been delayed by two weeks. Presumably because of our missing Inquisitor Omega. I’m sure they had to revise their plans when their main gun came up missing. After the decision was made, it was just a matter of telling the Cloud City governor that the Emperor wasn’t showing up for two weeks. He’s such a pull for the crowds and business, they pushed back the tournament to coincide with his visit.”



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