The Crystal Odyssey

The final offer

Wrath looks at Omega and grins from ear to ear. “My dear, won’t you please answer any and all questions these gentlemen have. And, in the end, if your words cannot persuade them to our cause, you may end their traitorous collective lives.” Omega kneels on one knee and answers “Yes, my master.” The cube on her arm drinks back in the blob that was hovering above it. “Bring the holocron back to me. We will finish the procedure here.” Looking at you, “Gentleman” With that last address, his hologram fades leaving only Inquisitor Omega. “Drax, I’m so glad you made it. I’ve been waiting for you.” “What is this place?! Answer me!” Her smile turns sour, “This is what your traitorous Emperor has planned for you. You are just a tool, a vehicle if you will for his evil machinations…PUT YOUR LIGHTSABER AWAY!” With a flick of her wrist, her lightsaber sings to life. “I gave you that blade and I won’t be threatened with it.” You reluctantly push the button to retract the blade of light. Her smile reappears, “Excellent. Now we can talk like civilized beings. Look around you Drax. Is it starting to settle in yet? Your beloved Emperor has been planning this for years. But you should know that. You’ve been digging into computer records. I don’t blame you. That’s the weak side of you…the side you got from your Emperor. You see, when Darth Tempest discovered this place, he found the remains of the ultimate warrior, Darth Revan. With clone technology “borrowed” from the Sith race, he decided to make the perfect vessel to host his essence. He has combined Darth Revan’s remains with his own genetic code to prevent rejection. He has discovered the lost Sith alchemy art of Transfer Essence by ‘stumbling’ onto this temple. Well, his former pupil Darth Wrath has discovered his plot and means to do something about it. Join us and prevent becoming just another ‘vessel’. Help us to stop Darth Tempest from his evil plans…D.R.A.X In another instance it all becomes clear. D.R.A.-X. Darth Revan Analogue-Version Chi (X) Omega awaits your answer while the eyes of clones of yourself watch disturbingly. “Before I answer, answer me this…What is your view of the dark side? And why don’t you join with us? The rebellion has stopped one Emperor. With Darth Wrath’s help we could do it again.”

She doesn’t miss a beat answering you and starts walking in your direction as she does…“The dark side exists. Only the naïve and demented believe otherwise. It’s found in each of us without exception—Sith, Jedi, soldier, smuggler, noble, rogue, and romantic. I will show you how to control it so that you needn’t fear or deny it. And as far as us joining you, I have already found my true self. I embraced my destiny when I took this Inquisitor’s garb. Now, quit this cowardly stalling, and reflect on my invitation, for this is the last time I extend it. Decide swiftly and without regret, for your choice and its effects were predetermined before these words ever obligated you to speak.”



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