The Crystal Odyssey

The battle ensues...

“As you die, rest assured that I reflected on you as on all enemies: despising that you must be wrong and I right, but reveling in the triumph of my convictions while whatever species of maggot indigenous to this world expedites the transition of your carcasses from this existence to the next. We do not need you to succeed. We will but make another.” With that remark, laser fire erupts hitting Ray in the shoulder. “Aaarrgh!” Following the blaster fire with his eyes, Drax sees the outline of Shadow Stormtroopers firing on them from behing the rocks. Looking back at Omega, she has already begun her downward swing with the lightsabers. In one instance, Drax flicks it on and raises it above his head to catch the incoming swing. The result is calamitous. Her swing holds the strength of ten humans driving Drax to his knees. Relentlessly she begins pounding his defense over and over all the while her face remains a cold, crisp calm. “If you will not succumb to the dark side, then the dark side will take you!” A bacta tank rips from the wall hitting two stormtroopers and flying across the room to narrowly avoid Omega. She retreats to slice it in half with her lightsaber, cutting the bacta tank and it’s inhabitant into two distinct pieces. With a crash, Drax is covered in the oily bacta tank contents. Gripping his shoulder, Ray leaps into action with a loud yell driving his fist into Omega’s exposed ribcage. Causing immense pain, he realizes that, although his punch would have floored a normal human, Omega does not react to the damage, instead grabbing him around the throat. Drax leaps to his companions side, dodging blaster fire and trying to draw Omega’s attention back to him. “It’s me you want Omega! Fight me!” Swinging wildly, Omega deftly blocks the incoming saber. Taking advantage of her position, she throws Ray at Drax causing him to stop and try to ease his friends descent. Within a second, Omega moves with ungodly speed, crossing the distance of the laboratory and exiting on the other side through another tunnel. Before she could leave you noticed a glow that had settled into her eyes that matched the one enveloping her blade hand and the Sith holocron strapped to it. The two remaining Shadow troopers retreat strategically firing on you as they cover her exit. You both advance.

(More tonight, just getting started.)



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