The Crystal Odyssey

Moving on...

After things settle down and Drax gets to his feet, Maya peers over her shoulder as she leads the way down to sublevel 2. “This conversation isn’t over…” She says as she disappears around the corner.

Exploring into the second sublevel, things get noticably different. You aren’t sure if the chill in the air is due to the dark side, the depth of this level, or from your comrades over things unspoken. The restored power doesn’t reach to this level so you’re back to glowrods. The passages have slipped into disrepair but you did notice fresh footprints in the dust just at the base of the stairs. When you reach the bottom of the stairs, you notice Maya has pushed ahead down one of the hallways and is already forcing doors open. “Refresher!” She calls back to you, uncaring of whether or not you’re stealthy. You watch almost in slow motion as she opens the next door and her eyes widen. As if she’s looking at something shocking. From out of nowhere, a lightsaber flies to her outstretched hand and she dashes into the room with a battlecry.

You both dash down to the open room and peer in, weapons drawn. You walk into the impressive chamber, crossing a bridge than runs over a clear and soothing stream. To your left is a large pond, beyond which is an artistic elevation made of simple mud and rock. Disharmoniously, dead vegetation and dead bodies surround it all. As you take in your surroundings, your companions suddenly disappear from view, and you are alone. Solid walls seem to have materialized out of nowhere and separated all of you, at the same time blocking the entrance from which you came. You feel a deep sense of dread. Everything in your core tells you to turn back. (check your messageS)



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