The Crystal Odyssey

I'm going in!

(Assuming Ray will see to TeeO, I’m going to take a look around at the relics and artifacts. Since it was all undisturbed, I’m being very sensitive about traps. I’ll take 20 on my rolls here if possible. Assuming I don’t blow us up, I want to snag anything that might look useful or that pops out. Throw them on the sled(If we were able to get it down here) With 7A. Maya should probable keep an eye open for any ambushes. Afterwards, I’m going to inform the others that I intend to go in after Omega. Maybe make a search your feelings check. (Hate relying on that for every room, but…) They can get TeeO out and wait for me topside, or come with and help.)

Here’s the Story version:

Drax looks down at TeeO as Ray sees to the boys wounds. “I’ve got to go after her.” He says.

“Just hold up a second!” Ray snaps, without looking up. “We got TeeO. We should evac out of here on the double!”

“You don’t understand. This place…” Drax started.

“This place is an abomination.” Maya interrupted.

“Yes it is.” Drax answered. “But it’s also linked to me. I’ve got to find out the truth aqbout what I am and where I come from. Look, You two take TeeO and get out of here. I’m going in.”

Without another word Drax enters the tunnels, in search of his destiny.



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