The Crystal Odyssey


Drax sat alone, intently poring over the many tomes he had managed to retrieve. He had to find out everything he could about this Revan person who’s genetic material was the basis for Drax’s own genesis.

A mix of joy and sadness coursed through his veins. He had finally discovered his origins. He knew where he came from, but at a terrible price: Maya had sacrificed herself to save him and Ray. “I’ll get them for you.” He silently promised his deceased mentor.

“We’re here.” Teeo’s voice sounded somberly over the ships intercom. Drax noted that he needed to sit down and speak with the child as soon as he had a chance. They had much to discuss.

As the ships docked with the Resurgence, Drax gingerly tucked the books away. A sharp pain shot through his right arm, causing him to grimace. Ray had managed to set the break, but pain meds had all been used up back at the temple. He’d need a plasti-cast put on as soon as possible.

The group hardly expected the crowd that had gathered to congratulate them, as they stepped off onto the Resurgence’s hanger deck. A loud applause greeted Teeo as he was the first to lexit the ship. Tears filled the boys eyes as he darted into the waiting arms of Fa’talith. The elder cerean wrapped his arms around Teeo, comforting him as a parent would.

Next off was Ray, carrying the wounded woman from the temple. Focused on his charge, he ignored the crowd. As the medic team arrived to taked her away, he was right with them, stopping only to salute Captain Virana.

Drax was the last off. He stood in the ships door for a moment, searching searching the crowd. Then he saw her. She stood in the back, beside Romi. A relieved smile on her face told DRax all he needed to hear. Dropping his gearsack, Drax rushed down the ramp, pushing his way through the crowd. When he finally reached Aiala, he stopped short, hesitating for just a moment. Their eyes locked and for just a moment time stood still. When time caught back up, Drax dove into Aiala’s arms. Pulling her tightly into him, he kissed her passionately. With his one good arm, he lifter her off the ground and spun her as the crowd in the Hangar whooped and cheered in approval.

“Good job, son.” Captain Virana spoke as he approached Drax and A. “You’ve managed to strike a major blow to the Alliance.” Letting A down, but keeping his arm around her, Drax turned to face Virana. “Maya…” Drax’s smile faded as he whispered her name. “Yes, I know.” Virana patted DRax on the arm. “She was a great hero. Her sacrifice will not be forgotten.” Virana gestured to the crowd. “We can mourn later. For now, she would want us to celebrate.” Drax nodded, understand.

As the celebration continued, a technician approached Drax. “Sir. We have a large cache of books and what appear to be artifacts in the ships stowage. What should we do with them?”

“Take them to my quarters.” Drax answered.

“And what about the damaged droid? Should we have him retrofitted with a new chassis and have him wiped?” The tech asked.

Drax smiled. “Have him retrofitted and sent to my qaurters with the rest of the stuff. Do not have him wiped.” WIth that Drax turned back to Aiala’s waiting arms as the celebration continued.



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