The Crystal Odyssey

End of an era

As you enter the next cavern, several bacta tanks shatter around you as you duck and weave trying to avoid them. They shatter sending glass and their inhabitants sprawling on the slick cavern floor. One female in particular looks as though she is still breathing.

But quickly your attention is diverted back to the problem at hand. Two Shadow troopers stand between you and Omega who is currently making a stand midway on an overpass traversing a black gulf. The natural chamber is divided here with an immense expanse of bottomless void crossed by a natural rock bridge. Ray takes a page from TeeO and slams his hands forward causing a wave of force energy to tumble from them and slamming into the Shadow Troopers. Their black uniforms are quickly lost in the void.

A red lightsaber hisses in her right hand, angled down and away from her, while she extends the precious holocron over the abyss in her left. Then a sound like rolling thunder causes the caverns to shudder, as if the planet itself were growling in fury. Abruptly, as if the sky’s been turned upside down, two blue bolts of lightning the size of starfighters explode toward you from below. One of the seething electrical masses smashes into the ceiling high above, producing a shower of man-sized boulders. The other mammoth blue bolt sideswipes the bridge, missing you by a mere meter.

On the heels of that familiar, unnatural lightning comes a monster straight out of your nightmares—200 meters of golden sinew and obscenity, led by a gaping maw lined with teeth bigger than the tallest Wookiee. It looks identical to the dreambeast you fought earlier, and for a heartbeat you hope that you’re still dreaming. But this is real, and this leviathan makes the illusion you battled earlier look like a tame womp rat.

Omega smiles as her companions plummet to their deaths. “Now you shall see the error of your ways meatbags…with the backing of superior technology combined with the power of Darth Revan and the dark side, you foolish infidels have made a mistake of colossal proportions.”

While Omega speaks, the sinister blot oozes out of the holocron and hovers behind her. It seems to pulse and seethe with rage. Before your eyes, the wraith seems to transfer some of its dark energy into the Inquisitor, wreathing Omega in shadows. The evil holocron gatekeeper hovering in the room seems to writhe with malevolence, and there is clearly some vile connection between it and the Inquisitor. Omega’s eyes acquire a sickening gold hue, and her voice plummets in pitch as she gives a command to the k’kayeh dragon.

“My beautiful companion—kill them.”

With the flick of a thumb, the red blade of her lightsaber streaks into existence, casting her body into a bewitching vermillion glow. Each syllable of her death sentence tumbles like wisps of smoke from her lips.

“Come at me one at a time or all at once. All shall pass from this world.”

Lightning leaps from the dragons nostrils down Omega’s arm, through the holocron and into Ray. Singed he falls to his knees.


A look of dire desperation and rage fall like a pall over Drax’s face. He pulls the lightsaber nearer so that the red glow cast maddening shadows across it.


Drax charges forward and strikes repeatedly at Omega, each blow casting harmlessly off of her own blade. His maddened efforts finally paid off as he slices her hand from her body. The one housing the SITH holocron.

Her eyes grow maddeningly and you both watch it plummet into the void.


Her eyes burn through Drax as she grab’s his wrist, the one holding the lightsaber. “You have not only cost me a great deal, you have cost you and your friend your lives…”

As she speaks, you can hear the bones breaking in your wrist. Finally, you can’t take the pain anymore and you drop to your knees, your life force draining out of you. You have time to look over at Ray barely holding himself up with smoke still rising off of his clothing. But there, beside him…it’s the repulsor sled. And SevenAy and that girl are on it…that wasn’t there before.

Looking back at Omega, you look up to her standing above you, and with laughter she calls down the dragon.

“My precious…kill them…kill them all…and then hunt down the boy.”

Before you become the dragon’s next meal, a green lightsaber blade slices through Omega’s remaining hand.

Maya, wielding what you thought was a lightsaber but as you would later be corrected, turned out to be a guard shoto, sliced cleanly through Omega’s remaining arm. With a look of shock, Omega watched as Maya planted her foot in Omega’s chest and kicked backwards. She didn’t give you time to watch her fall.

Raising the shoto and catching the lightning from the dragon’s nostrils she screamed,


You don’t have time to argue as you have to save either Maya or Ray, Seven, and the unconcious girl. Your heart tells you there is no choice. With nothing but a message of thank you sent telepathically, you run through the ruins of the academy. The remaining walls of the fountain room and the columns in the entry hall collapse around you, showering you with dust. As you leap for the exit out of the academy, huge clouds of dust billow into the air, obscuring your view as the ground quakes and devours the ruins burying all you knew of Maya, the Sith, and the evil Inquisitor Omega.

As the dust clears, you could not have imagined how good Mondu Codru’s toxin-filled air would feel in your lungs. Looking away from the falling rubble, you see the familiar buildings of deserted Forard city. Crash calls as he and TeeO land the ship nearby. He leaps out and runs up to you. “Good news! The Alliance ship has left the system! We can get out of here with no trouble! Where’s Maya?”

Ray sits up off of the sled and pours water over his head. Noone ever answered that question. But when the boy asking is strong in the force…noone had to.

“We should return to the Resurgence soon, before more Alliance agents come looking for Inquisitor Omega.”

Drax knew she was just a droid that looked human. But for the first time in his life, he missed someone.


NOOOOOO! Maya! NOOOOO! Good job with the battle!

End of an era

agreed good story telling, though sad face Maya

End of an era

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