The Crystal Odyssey


In the blink of an eye it’s all gone. Ray is kneeling on the floor to the left, and Drax has his hands held up in front of him to the right. Maya stands above a 4 legged beast at least as long as two people. She looks back at you both, “Dreambeast…it tried to turn you on each other. Your training served you well.” As she spoke, the beast disappeared into the ethereal plane. “That’s just a projection of it. It must be close…real one’s bigger than a krayt dragon. Hopefully, it’s not down here with us.” “MAYA!” The voice of TeeO! You make your way into the next room via the only visible door. The door is completely open. In fact, burn damage all along the 4-meter-wide entrance appears to have enlarged it. A pulsating glow within lights up the darkened room. Inside, you find a spherical energy cage floating on repulsorlifts. The glow comes from a force field that surrounds the portable prison, and behind the bars lies a beaten and bruised TeeO. Maya hits a lever on the wall releasing the boy. “It wasn’t my father Maya…he lied…tell me she’s lying! ” TeeO seems hysterical. Maya tries to calm him as if she’s his mother, stroking his head and calming him with soft words. “Who put you in the cage TeeO?” “Omega!” Maya looked back at Drax and Ray. Turning back to TeeO, he was pointing to a hole in the wall. You find yourselves in a long room, 12 meters wide by 36 meters long, with the chamber forking to the right about 20 meters in. Leaning against the smooth walls are cases containing fascinating and rare artifacts and weapons that were of interest to the Jedi. It is surprising that most of them seem untouched. The most glaring features of the room are the far wall and floor, which have crumbled away to reveal a cavernous opening that leads into a dark tunnel. This obviously wasn’t part of the room’s original design and seems to be a consequence of the orbital bombardment.



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