The Crystal Odyssey

Daken sends a message...

Drax lies there on the floor passing into and out of conciousness as Ray works feverishly to get his bleeding under control. Maya, meanwhile, tries to get Seven out from underneath a ton of rubble. A datapad that had been lying inconspicuously in the middle of the floor blinks to life. Daken’s picture appears in it and he seems to have some news…

Hello? Ah, I see both Ray and Drax are there… don’t look so well. Well, finally…I have awoken from my own slumber and have some news for you both. Thank the stars you are both prevents me from having to transmit this information twice. Also, I don’t remember what I’ve already told you both so I’ll send it all again. Never can have too much information! Take care you two and see you back on the boat!

Ray and Maya eye each other as the datapad screen fills with information. “Here are some things I thought I’d send you since you have asked me to research for them.”

Drax Akari aka D.R.A.-X aka number 241-765/a (see Akari, Argus) (see Subject CHI project) Before the age of 5 nothing is written. There is no mention a father or mother. It’s like his life began at age 5. Beyond that, most of his life history is here up to and including: died 15 ABY on explosion in docking bay of Star Destroyer Chimaera. Experiment a failure. Your search for Commander Omega reveals: No Commander Omega exists. Only account of Omega is: Lieutenant Commander Soruu, special attache’ to the Emperor. Aka Aiala Soruu Aka Aiala Omega Orphan, adopted Daughter of Arcidos and Tara Soruu, wealthy shipbuilding magnates. Born 4 BBY 2 ABY Attends Military school. 12 ABY Graduates with honors from Military Academy with a commission as Ensign. — 13 ABY Enters Special forces (Stormtrooper) school for ARC training. —Catches the eye of Admiral Daala after witnessing her reveal Force powers on the testing grounds. Moved to Imperial Royal Guard training. The next section is ERASED. Search for Lash reveals: Ensign Lash Wilhuff Wyrick

Grandson of late Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin Decorated for Bravery and unwavering loyalty to the Alliance. Received the Tempest’s Cross for actions under fire. Multiple Reprimands for extreme actions. Sent to a desk job processing Alliance prisoners of war. Later assigned to special operation Tempest’s Hand as commanding officer of field agents. Assigned to special duty under Lt. Commander Soruu. Killed in explosion aboard TCS Chimaera 15 ABY

On Project Revelation: HEAVILY ENCRYPTED MATERIAL. Daken can only discern the following:

Materials and slaves sent to Alliance under special operations permit to Darth Wrath via Grand Inquisitor. More materials needed. Gas and crystals will not meet current production needs. Will push Alliance to order More slaves to help in production. Funds and resources may be marked up due to diversion by Wrath. Make sure we have plan B’s in effect for Tempest’s Project Starkiller . Report still not filed from Pike sisters. Location of Number 2 known, location of Number 1 unknown. Also see: Project Starkiller

(Even Tu’dah is limited in his understanding of project Starkiller. Mostly references here discuss theories and ideas. Mostly he doesn’t care because it’s his single largest contract)

“I searched the picture of Drax you sent me versus the Rebellion database and the Alliance database and specifically against the picture of Emperor Mobodu’wan you wanted me to. And while there are roughly 62.3% point variations and similarities, which is unusually high from the standard deviation, it is not as concise or even close enough to be declared a match. In other words, they are similar but not the same.”

Subject CHI project

Subject CHI was the codename for D.R.A.-X, was preceeded by D.R.A.-O and D.R.A.-P, but when they failed within 5 years, subject CHI was the first such subject to last more than 10 years. Thought to be the perfect subject, D.R.A.-X was unfortunately lost to an accident in 15 ABY onboard the TCS Chimaera. Steps are thought to be taken to institute a Subject PSI taking the base formula for CHI and making only minor modifications. More information available in information room of Imieci Spire. Technology interwoven from Mondu Codru incident.

“A day that will live in infamy.” Amongst the Codru peoples. In 3 ABY, newly crowned King Bodo Mobodu’wan, having just lost his queen to an assassination, turned his allegiances to the Sith people in the Codru-Sith war and called upon his teacher, Darth Sidious, to bombard his own planet annihilating thousands of innocents. To make matters worse, the incident was not needed for suppression of a revolt, on the contrary, he bombarded his own planet as a ruse to trick an old group of friends into undertaking a mission on his behalf. During the bombardment, which incidentally lasted 3 days after the group of friends left, opened up a deep rift in the ground that revealed an old set of mines which had been converted to tombs around 3800 BBY to house an ancient brotherhood of Sith masters. It was here that the long lost remains of an ancient Dark Lord of the Sith was found by Bodo and, using a key procured from De’Sha Ducatiss, previously given to him by the Dark Woman, he opened a specific tomb which housed a collection of Sith holocrons.

Akari, Argus Human male living on Cloud City. Now Deceased. (The rest of the personal information seems to fit, referring to him as a gambler and shady businessman plus a transmission is found) An intercepted transmission to Argus Akari 2 days before your fathers disappearance.

Argus, I hope your assignment is without surprise. I will be coming soon for the boy’s training. He is ready according to your reports. We feel others have their eyes now on the system and we have to move fast. I don’t like being out- maneuvered. And I don’t like the reports that you have grown close. He is your assignment, not your son. I didn’t pay you 25,000 credits to ‘raise him proper’. And now you have the Rebels on your scent? Perhaps if you weren’t losing large sums of money on Cloud City you wouldn’t be raising flags. Get your things together and be ready to move. You don’t know who we’re dealing with here. And don’t even think of talking. I’ll send someone for you in a few days.


“And that datachip you gave me Drax, it was basically a recording of everything our groups been doing since we faked our deaths on the Assidious! I’ll play it if you want to but you’ve already lived it!”

“Oh, and you’ll both be pleased as a drunken Quarren to know that Darth Wrath has a project of his own! Those slaves that Jolok’s been selling him, he’s creating an entire army of those replicant droids with…if only I could find the control key…Oh, Omega is an HRD and another one is that Twilek girl I saw on security tapes from Jolok’s palace. Don’t understand why…”

Daken slips off into babbling as the datapad goes dark.



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